Hi, I'm Badrul. I’m a product leader and early stage investor based in New York City.

I love building products, and supporting startups, that accelerate human creativity. I believe that we are limited by the tools available to us.


Product Manager

2021 → 2022

I managed the global onboarding experience for customers and the internal developer platform for onboarding. We helped new customers discover the right products within Square's large product ecosystem.

We did this by deeply personalizing the product experience using machine learning, geo-based heuristics, A/B tests, performance marketing, and more.


Product Manager

2016 → 2021

I was one of the earliest employees and the first Product Manager. I joined before Figma was publicly released and led the product teams that built the core design tool, Plugins, Figma Community, and more.

Kevin Kwok’s post about Figma covered much of my work. I'm also widely considered to be the funniest person to have ever worked at Figma, past and present (and future, too).

Teespring, Hook, Expedia

QA Engineer

2011 → 2016

Before my product career, I was a QA Engineer for several years. These experiences meaningfully contributed to my commitment to product quality and craftsmanship.

I launched award-winning mobile apps, scaled merchandise fulfillment systems, and created interactive experiences for millions of people around the world.

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